La Brea (TV Series 2021)

Creator: David Appelbaum
Stars: Karina Logue, Zyra Gorecki, Jack Martin
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Released Date: 2021

A massive sinkhole mysteriously opens up in Los Angeles, separating part of a family in an unexplainable primeval world, alongside a desperate group of strangers.

La Brea S01 E01 [480P].mkv
La Brea S01 E02 [480P].mkv 
La Brea S01 E03 [480P].mkv 
La Brea S01 E04 [480P].mkv 
La Brea S01 E05 [480P].mkv 
La Brea S01 E06 [480P].mkv 
La Brea S01 E07 [480P].mkv

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